Uttered Sensation
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Loving my new bangs this summer 2014. :) Strolled at Trinoma. Thankful. :)
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I like this version.
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Main Entry: utter
Part of Speech: verb
Definition: say, reveal
Main Entry: sensation
Part of Speech: noun
Definition: feeling, perception
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I discovered tumblr.
Last Wed, December 30, 2009.

Love tumblr.


I'm here to share my feelings and desires, all of the photographs are not mine. They belong to their respectful owners. I entirely have no intention of violating any copyright XD and I'm here to express not to impress. =D oki doki ^^

When I feel tired tumblr. is my cure that's why I become so energetic

Photobucket is my best online friend-blog.

I learn a lot of things here ^^ meaningful and hilarous!...all of the blogs I reblogged are related to me ^^...Like..I like to go there someday, I was amazed!, I hope he realize hehe like that. I'm a happy person but sometimes I also reblog the bitter side of me... as you can see.
I appreciate my followers they're also a part of my inspiration

why I am reblogging blogs? XD X3

I am reblogging because the post that I reblogged become one of my favorites. I feel I am like travelling in our world for free =D and it really satisfies me.

I know and the people I do not know.

If you wanna know me better

why don't you ask me here kill my boredom but please be nice. Thank you!

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